Executive Message ASEA Become Magazine, Spring 2017

When I was very small, a friend introduced my father to an opportunity out of a sincere desire to make a difference in my father’s life. This started him and our family on a journey that we never could have expected.

Although we lived in a very small town of around 500 people, he began to share that opportunity in a simple and sincere way. As he did, he started to see lives change. He continued to do this full time for nearly 40 years until he passed away just a few years ago.

Together with his team of incredible people, he was able to create a legacy that continues to bless our family. He was able to associate with incredible people, travel to amazing places, and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

I have had the same occur in my life. I often wonder what my life would have looked like if my father had passed that opportunity by. I am certain that my life would look completely different. I will be forever grateful to my dad for making that choice. I love this industry with all my heart. Network marketing can truly meet you wherever you are today and can take you wherever you want to go.

ASEA offers an incredibly unique and powerful opportunity. We have an unprecedented technology that cannot be copied. We have products that make a very real impact. We have an exciting compensation structure where consistent effort with the right activities is well rewarded. We have talented and dedicated field leaders. You can realize your dreams here and help to change many lives for the better along the way. We have great associates who are making this a reality every day.

I invite you to find out how this can become a reality for you. Join us and create your own ASEA legacy.

Warmest regards,
Justin Wilson
Senior Vice President, Global Sales

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