William & Barbie Bassett

ASEA Diamond Executive

Before William and Barbie Bassett started their business with ASEA and achieved the rank of Diamond Executive, they were both working full-time jobs. It didn’t allow them much free time with their children. When they realized what an amazing business model ASEA gave to families, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“Now, we are able to homeschool our three children and spend our time making memories with them and being present in their lives,” says Barbie, “We also have the ability to spend quality time with our aging parents.”

The Bassetts were introduced to ASEA by some friends and were excited at the potential for ASEA Redox to change healthcare globally. William had a career as a critical care flight paramedic and worked on the corporate side of emergency medical services. He immediately understood the impact ASEA REDOX could have on the lives of others.

“When the incredible testimonials are shared, it’s hard for some to believe they are real people with real results. A large majority of the results are life-changing! While some may begin as skeptics, they quickly turn into believers as they use the products,” said William.

The Bassett family has seen results with their own family as well. Between piano competitions, cheerleading, traveling, working on the farm, and water skiing, they pride themselves on staying active.

“We have never slept better! Our bodies recover so much faster now after exercising and after working in the yard or on our farm. Our teenagers have been pleasantly surprised by their results in their extracurricular activities.”

William and Barbie say that they lead their team by example, which gives them the motivation to keep going and show their downline just how much is possible in this business.

“It’s vitally important to stay focused on the long term goal and realize building a business is a marathon and not a sprint. The finish line never moves. You’re only competing against yourself and no one else. Lead yourself, first. Never ask your team to do things you’re not willing to do.”