My Wellness Center

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Evadne Yu King was involved in a life-changing auto accident in 1994 where she incurred a spinal fracture and multiple protrusions in her cervical and lumbar intervertebral discs. In an attempt to avoid the highly invasive surgical procedures that were recommended to her, she turned to her husband, who practiced traditional Chinese medicine.

After undergoing a series of treatments, Evadne shocked everyone around her with her quick recovery and return to work. Seeing her invigorating spirit and never-give-up attitude, Evadne’s husband made the suggestion that she leave the corporate world and blaze a new trail for people in need.

In 2002, Evadne channeled her passion for helping people get their health back and opened the doors to her own holistic health center. With a medical massage bed, she started a different kind of health movement in her city.

Throughout the years, Evadne and her staff were approached by countless network marketing companies. Because of her commitment to her clients, she was cautious and wary of any health products she was introduced to. But in 2011, her friends Beverly Trapnell and Debbie Wetzler introduced her to ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement.

Evadne began taking the product. The beneficial effects were immediate for her and her family. It became clear very quickly that this product was legitimate, and that ASEA presented a unique opportunity that she couldn’t pass up. ASEA was the first network marketing company Evadne had seen with such a strong emphasis on their ethos. The company’s core philosophies truly coincided with her own. Both ASEA REDOX and the business plan could seamlessly weave into her everyday life and practice.

In the six years since her introduction to ASEA, Evadne’s personal growth and perspectives have expanded even further. When Evadne has spare time, you can find her traveling the world and building her legacy by creating relationships and helping the people she encounters live better, healthier lives.