Vilmos Szabo & Vanda Volrab

ASEA Diamond Executive

Hungarians Vilmos and Vanda have lived in many places and tried to find success in several jobs. Going abroad, they spent eight years in Scotland and the Netherlands, but none of the jobs they tried ever brought the success they sought. After all the years and miles, it was when they returned home to Hungary that they were introduced to ASEA.

Initially, their primary interest was in ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement. “The science and technology behind ASEA REDOX were very attractive,” says Vilmos. “The product enables us to support our body and health like nothing else before.”

“Naturally,” Vanda adds, “after we realized the significance and possible serious health benefits of the product, we were intrigued by the business opportunity.”

Even though the couple had zero network marketing experience, they could see the potential of ASEA. They knew that they would have the opportunity to accomplish more than they ever could in their traditional jobs.

“It was amazing to reach Diamond level,” Vilmos says. “Especially without any prior network marketing experience. We put our time, heart, and energy in it, while the experience was provided by our sponsors. That’s why anyone, regardless of background or experience, can take advantage of this opportunity.”

“We are in it for the long run!” Vanda says. “We know there’s a long way to go until the whole world hears about ASEA. Our goal is that drinking ASEA Redox will be regarded as an everyday activity, as common as brushing your teeth.”

Looking back on where they started and where they are now, Vilmos finds it interesting that they spent their early years seeking adventure, opportunity, and freedom. Now they’ve found all that and more with ASEA. “We can now live a fulfilling life and do something that we enjoy,” Vilmos says. “We have time for ourselves and the family, and we live a harmonious and happy life.”