Várnai Zoltán & Győrfi Anett

ASEA Ambassador Triple Diamond Executive

Working as a restaurant manager, Zoltán Várnai was usually the last employee to go home at night. “My kids were already sleeping,” he says. “That was not how I’d imagined my life.” His wife, Anett Győrfi, was busy with her career as an economist.

Seeking a better way, Zoltán and Anett built a business with another network marketing company. However, they didn’t feel like it was “home,” as Zoltán puts it. “We sold that business and tested another four network marketing companies before ASEA, and nothing was as attractive.” After attending the 2019 European Conference and Envision in Barcelona and experiencing Tyler Norton’s Ethos Academy, they knew they had found their new home.

Rather than merely fitting ASEA into their lifestyle, the couple has made ASEA their lifestyle. They’ve played a key role in helping ASEA Europe break sales records. It took the couple just 88 weeks to achieve the rank of Ambassador Double Diamond, leading the Direct Selling Association to recognize them with an entrepreneur-of-the-year award.

“Obstacles are part of the game, so we just accepted this fact,” says Zoltán. “Most people are searching for excuses to stay in their comfort zone. The day when doing uncomfortable things become comfortable, you become unstoppable.”

ASEA products have helped improve the family’s health. Their ASEA business success allows the couple to focus more on their family. “We love bicycling and skiing in the Swiss alps and lakes,” says Zoltán. “We enjoy the swimming pool with our kids.”

Zoltán embraces the ASEA Ethos. “We thrive on the success of others,” he says. “People can tell how we feel about them, and that’s what they respond to, more than what we say or do. We need to view others as people, not as objects. When we see others truly, we are true!”