Terry & Erin Latham

ASEA Ambassador Triple Diamond Executive

Terry and Erin Latham train people to see opportunity.

“How do you recognize an opportunity?” Terry asks. “Most of the time, people are too close to it. Or they don’t have enough experience to spot it. Our job is to help them see the opportunity for  health and income potential in ASEA.”

Financial freedom and powerful, science-backed products to support your health are not the only opportunities ASEA offers. “It’s the person in the mirror,” the Lathams say. “Network marketing  makes you better. You confront your fears and grow stronger in the process.”

You don’t become better on your own, however. To succeed and grow, you need to lift other people up—not step on  people on the way up. “You can’t make it to the top by yourself,” Terry says.
“It takes a team of people; there’s nothing better than watching that come to fruition.”

When it comes to teaching people, Terry lives by a simple principle: “The bigger I am, the less I make, and the less I am, the more I make.”

In other words, you shouldn’t be the star of the show— the simplicity of your business model and your tools should be.

“When I walk out of a room, and a prospect says, ‘I wish I could do what you  do,’ then I’ve failed,” Terry says. “But if I walk out and people say, ‘Man, if that’s all there is to it, I can do that,’ then it’s a very big win.”

Ultimately, the Lathams feel that in order to succeed, you have to make a contract with yourself—and deliver on it. “It’s our job to deliver what we’ve promised to ourselves. You can’t come into this with a lottery mentality. You work this like your business, and that’s what it will become.”