Sue Brenchley

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Sue Brenchley and her husband, Craig, felt blessed to have four boys. However, they were faced with medical bills as two were premature twins, and another was born with defects. Sue got a part-time job and helped Craig run their carpet-cleaning business.

“Over time, I lost my health,” she says. “That’s when I was introduced to a network marketing product that changed my health.” Sue became passionate about helping people with similar health challenges. Before she knew it, she was earning more money from her networking business than from her job.

Sue loved what she was doing, but she was afraid to quit her day job. Seeking guidance, she held what she calls “a heartfelt, one-sided conversation with God.” That night, she dreamed a dream that changed her life. “When I woke up, I knew that the ripple effect of helping others through network marketing would start a chain reaction of people helping people. I got up, took a shower, and quit my job.”

After 20 years of successful network marketing with several companies, Sue discovered ASEA. In 2009, she heard the ASEA story firsthand from the founders. “I didn’t have to have another dream to know how many people I was going to help with this new breakthrough technology,” she says.

Sue believes that when you find your purpose, it permeates everything in your life. “Before you define your purpose, there are just activities, jobs, tasks, and means to ends. But when you finally get it, what you’re involved in becomes so powerful. It’s that moment when you stop just doing things and you start really living.”

Asked what her next big goal is, Sue responds, “I have a bigger vision of creating a scholarship/mentoring program for individuals who have the desire and dream of cultivating a successful ASEA business but are unable to because of their life’s circumstances. If I can start a chain reaction with this program, then we’ll have an army of people helping people with ASEA!”