Steve & Liz Copping

ASEA Diamond Executive

Steve and Liz Copping were entering their fifties when they first heard of ASEA. After spending 28 years in the network marketing industry, they joined the ASEA family in 2016 amidst a great deal of financial pressure.

“When my former associate Mal Sword sent me a video about ASEA and I learned about how this breakthrough technology almost never made it to market,” says Steve, “I was in.”

The accomplishment that Steve and Liz are most proud of came in November of 2019, when they achieved the rank of Diamond. It took them three companies to build an organization to that level, and ASEA rewarded them for their efforts.

“While I am enormously proud of achieving the rank of Diamond, I am even more proud of what it represents,” says Steve. “It means financial security for my family, which has been my goal for 31 years. Finally, at the age of 63, I know that I’ll never again have to worry about where the next dollar is going to come from. And this gives me tremendous peace of mind as the husband, father, and leader of my family.”

Steve and Liz say that the biggest obstacle they’ve had to overcome was their own internal mindset. By focusing on personal development, always remembering that they are in the people business, and associating with mentors who help them along the way, they have been able to conquer their self-doubts.

Steve and Liz love introducing ASEA to others because it helps people go into business for themselves, at a low-entry cost, and they know their associates are in good hands thanks to the company values of ASEA.

“At 60, I didn’t have time to try something new for a few years and have it fail,” concludes Steve. “It had to work, and I had to get it right this time around. I knew I could trust Verdis and Tyler Norton to always do the right thing. I’ve finally found a home.”


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