Stephanie & Poh Ted Ang, WorldChangers

ASEA Diamond Executive

Coming from a poor family background didn’t stop Ted Ang from diving headfirst into starting his own business right out of high school after working as an Independent Sales Agent for less than a year. Despite not having any business experiences, Ted Ang leaped faith with the courage to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and achieved some successes in his journey as an entrepreneur. He owes his successes to; the courage to take action, hard work, and a strong burning desire of wanting to become successful in life.

“I started my entrepreneurial journey way back in 1986 and have been involved with building several successful conventional and network marketing businesses both locally and regionally in South East Asia. With my 30+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, I will always recommend Network Marketing to all aspiring entrepreneurs to be involved in as I believe, Network Marketing is a better way for anyone to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams,” says Ted Ang.

According to Ted Ang, what attracted him to joining ASEA initially was the science and technology behind the breakthrough products that are making a difference in the lives of many people across the world.

He said, building the ASEA business initially in the pre-launch markets of The Philippines and Malaysia was not easy as ASEA was new in the two markets which are flooded with a lot of other Network Marketing business opportunities.

Many of his friends and leaders of other Network Marketing companies were very negative about ASEA and they discouraged him and his wife to join ASEA and offered them many other network marketing opportunities and options.

They decided to join ASEA because they were attracted to ASEA Founders, Verdis Norton, and Tyler Norton’s Vision and Mission to be a purpose-driven and a legacy global company. They also like the company’s culture and ethos that are driving the company, and the corporate and field leadership team.

“ASEA is a global breakthrough opportunity that allows individuals an opportunity to achieve personal freedom and financial independence to realize all their dreams and goals that matter most to them. ASEA allows us to leverage our time to create wealth” says Ted Ang

Ted Ang concluded, “We want to take this opportunity to thank; ASEA Founders, Verdis Norton and Tyler Norton for ASEA, to all our ASEA WORLDChangers Team Associates, our Sponsor, Derek Chew, Ambassador Double Diamond, and Bob & Trish Schwenkler, ASEA Presidential Triple Diamond who are our mentors and coaches for coaching us to become ASEA Malaysia Diamond Founders Club Member. We would also like to thank all the ASEA’s top corporate executives and support team for their valued support rendered to our team. We believe ASEA is a legacy company that is changing the world.”

We’re WORLDChangers,
Stephanie & Poh Ted Ang

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