Sissel Andersen & Espen Aarøy

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Sissel Andersen is an entrepreneur who loves to see growth and expansion of all types. She has been involved in building multiple businesses, including both traditional companies and entrepreneurial outfits.

Years before joining ASEA, Sissel had once known success in direct sales. In fact, she was among the top 10 income earners in her company before difficult personal circumstances led her to leave the industry—with no intention of returning. While she knew firsthand how rewarding it could be, the thought of starting over was too much to bear.

She had recently accepted a position as product specialist and key account executive for a tool and workwear company in Europe—a promotion for her previous year’s efforts as the company’s marketing manager—when the ASEA opportunity entered the picture with its breakthrough cellular health supplements.

“Espen and I started out with the intention of just being customers,” says Sissel. “Then things started to happen. The visible changes in the skin and overall appearance of both men and women compelled us forward.”

Making the leap back into direct sales with ASEA was at once difficult and easy. Sissel knew it was a now-or-never decision; she would need to take it on wholeheartedly or not at all. After considerable thought, she had to admit she was not at all satisfied with her position as an employee, and after meeting the ASEA corporate team, Sissel burned all bridges and made ASEA her new career. She has not regretted it for a single moment and has been a full-time associate since September 1, 2015.

For Espen, sharing the benefits of ASEA products and supporting Sissel in growing their business hasn’t taken him from his 35-year career in the glass trade (all with the same company). But that doesn’t mean he’s not enjoying the same things about ASEA that Sissel most appreciates: being able to help people improve their health, boost their finances, and advance their personal development.