Sally & Rob Dymond

ASEA Double Diamond Executive

Sally Dymond, known as Sally ASEA by most people, was an alternative therapist trained in acupuncture, remedial massage, SCENAR therapy, and bio resonance for 28 years. For Sally, working 40 hours a week and raising two young children was not an easy task. “I could never get on top of my to-do list, and I never had the full school holidays off with the children. I was always juggling,” she says.

Sally was initially drawn to ASEA by RENU 28 because of skin problems she was experiencing at the time. Since using RENU 28, she says “My skin looks and feels amazing. Never before have I had skin that was smooth and soft.” The amazing results in her skin let her to introduce the product to family members, friends, and clients. Seeing them experience fast results became a turning point in Sally’s life to join ASEA.

At first, Sally encountered time as an obstacle to start her ASEA business, but knew in order to change where you are, you must be prepared to make changes in your life. She says, “So I assessed my use of time and decided to give up doing a lot of things in the beginning, knowing that doing that would give me much more freedom much later on.”

To maintain her momentum each day, Sally likes to keep it super simple. “Get in, get it done, and get out of there,” she says. She believes in balance and makes time to go cycling, to do hot yoga, to read, and to spend time with the family.

“If I meet someone, they will always hear about how ASEA can help them,” says Sally. “I love to be a moving billboard for ASEA. The company motto of believe, belong, become sums up the tribe of people I try to inspire and belong to.”