Rose Mary Skinner

ASEA Ambassador Double Diamond Executive

Q: What motivates you?

A: I grew up in El Salvador. The country was brutal and dangerous because of the civil war. My dad was in the US, and I never knew my mom. With all that going on, I had a choice to make, even  as a young child: Either get depressed and become defeated, or dig deep and say, “I’m not going to be defeated.”

Q: How did your motivation lead to success?

A: When I finally came to the US, I thought everything would be better. I thought my dad lived right next to the president. I thought every American lived like the Jetsons. But reality was very  different. I couldn’t speak English. I didn’t have a college education. I got a job as a nanny and maid. I remember my aunt telling me: “Listen, Maria, get it straight. This is all you’re ever going to have. So, get used to cleaning toilets. Put your head down and mop. They don’t want us in El Salvador. They don’t want us here. So, this is what we do.”

A woman in the building invited me to an opportunity meeting and taught me about network marketing. When I understood, I couldn’t believe it. I could build my own business? I fell in love.  Network marketing became everything. It didn’t matter the skin color, religion, citizenship, language, or anything. If you had a passion, you could dream big and make that dream come true.

Q: What advice do you have for others following their dreams with ASEA?

A: Reinvent yourself every day. By that, I mean, don’t take anything for granted in your business. Find ways every day to keep falling in love with your company and its product. It’s like a marriage. You have to work on the little things and the big things to keep the fire burning.