Richard Li

ASEA Ambassador Triple Diamond Executive

For nearly 30 years, Richard Li has practiced Qigong, a system of coordinated, flowing movements, postures, deep and rhythmic breathing, and meditation. Its purpose, like any martial art or yoga discipline, is multifaceted, addressing physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

“I know there’s something inside the body that is very important,” Richard says. “We talk about the chi. It’s the life force or electric energy that animates us. It flows through us like a current. Qigong is a practice that helps us cultivate and direct our chi.”

In a way, it’s Richard’s concept of chi that led him to ASEA.

A software engineer, Richard spent years researching about health. His overarching question was, How do people fight aging? Then, more personal issues refocused his research: his wife’s
postpartum depression and his own declining health after 25 sedentary years at a computer.

Still, when Richard finally found ASEA REDOX, he didn’t think too much of it. He wasn’t fond of the taste, and it didn’t really feel like it was doing anything.

But he tried it for three months. “I didn’t feel too much because I’m not in terribly bad health,” Richard says. “But I felt greater cognitive support for my brain. I felt like sleep was better; my brain felt clear. I felt like ASEA REDOX promoted the health of my memory function.”

Richard describes ASEA’s redox signaling molecules as the chi of the body—at the cellular level. Not surprisingly, he also likes to describe it in computer terms: “It’s like software that needs an upgrade. You download it, and it enhances the operating system.” Richard concludes, “It’s something I want to share. I love the vision and mission of ASEA to be a force for good to the people of the world.”