Janet Gao

ASEA Diamond Executive


她记得:“我偶然发现了一位在温哥华推广ASEA的老师。” “仅一个小时后,我决定加入。 这是对我健康的投资。”


她回忆说:“从那天起,我获得了更多的友谊,同时增进了我的幸福、财富和成就感。 对我而有,ASEA使生活更加充实和有意义。”


“在ASEA,成功不仅仅在于销售产品。”她说 “这是关爱、责任,并密切关注您的客户和团队成员以准确了解他们的需求。”


Qiong spent nine years struggling with her health and happiness before she discovered ASEA. And if it hadn’t been for a  chance encounter with an American teacher, life might have turned out very differently.

“I stumbled upon a teacher promoting ASEA in Vancouver,” she remembers. “After only an hour, I decided to join. It was an investment in my health.”

Just a few months later, Qiong found herself in a similar situation. This time, however, she was doing the teaching.

“Since that day,” she recalls, “I’ve gained more friendships, while improving my happiness, wealth, and sense of accomplishment. For me, ASEA has made life more fulfilling and meaningful.”

From learning about a life-changing product to helping others on their own similar journeys, Qiong has built a business on principles that go beyond the bottom line, and that has made all the difference.

“Success at ASEA is so much more than selling a product,” she says. “It’s about love, responsibility, and paying close attention to your customers and team members to understand exactly what they need.”