Power Redox Ltd.

ASEA Diamond Executive

The secret to success is in helping others feel good. That’s what Dr. Ray Dixon from team Power Redox believes. After 40 years of studying and serving in the chiropractic field, Dr. Ray always took immense satisfaction from focusing on the holistic needs of others, but even he was impressed with the way his ASEA business has expanded his ability to do it.


“My primary inspiration for life since I was 18 years old is to help people,” says Dr. Ray. “ASEA simply continues that journey for me. I have helped hundreds of thousands of people over the years. The ASEA business model allows me to continue to help people. I’ve been able to build an international clientele.”

After living in Melbourne, Australia for many years, Dr. Ray decided to retire to Phuket, Thailand with his wife, Wan Dixon. Shortly thereafter, he was inspired by his friend and former client, Triple Diamond Executive Lourene Bevaart. Over two years, she told him about the amazing impact of ASEA™ products, but it wasn’t until he tried them for himself that he understood their benefits.

“These products aren’t just a way to build a business,” he remarks. “They are a way to build a better world, and I get to do that every day by speaking to people from all walks of life. I learn so much from other health professionals who are just as passionate about helping people.”

Dr. Ray says that his ASEA lifestyle has also changed the way he approaches work. Between learning how to navigate all the online tools of his ASEA business and applying the company ethos and philosophy, he feels like his personal growth has soared.

“Many perceived obstacles are actually steppingstones to a new skill set,” says Ray. “These are the facilitators to becoming better people and entrepreneurs. ASEA is now my lifestyle. I’m grateful to continually overcome obstacles so that I can help my downline and other associates worldwide.”