Paul Taira

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

As a combat infantry sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, Paul Taira served in Operation Desert Shield/Storm. Later, he was the technology and training analyst for a billion-dollar healthcare company in California. From there, he became the chief information/technology officer for a startup dot-com company that went public and reached a peak market value of $240 million.
In a life filled with bold decisions, Paul made one of his boldest in 2001. Disenchanted by corporate politics, he left his high-profile position behind. “I was working in an environment where logic didn’t prevail,” he says. “Beyond that, statistically most people have to continue working past retirement age. I knew I had to do something different.”

When Paul was introduced to network marketing more than 15 years ago, he thrived. He built organizations of tens of thousands and earned prestigious positions, eventually becoming a consultant to the industry. As a consultant, he was doing exactly what he wanted—or so he thought.

Without any intention of joining another networking company, Paul met Michael Stern, who told him about ASEA.

“ASEA is fundamentally different,” he says. “It’s not just a nutritional source, vitamin, or mineral. The fact that the product is backed by science, research, and patents helped me to recognize the strong potential of ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement and the opportunity.”
Paul advises all his team to focus on looking for people with qualities and attributes they would like to emulate. “People treat our industry like it’s door-to-door sales. What we are creating with ASEA is time freedom and a legacy retirement income. We are executive recruiters.”
Paul is a member of the ASEA Global Advisory Council, a Founding Diamond leader, a Million Dollar Club member, the 2015 Crossline Mentor Award recipient, and the 2015 I Am ASEA Award recipient.