Nicole Dennis

ASEA Ambassador Diamond Executive

Nicole Dennis and Justin Philips don’t have the typical down-and-out, something-had-to-change success story with ASEA. Both have established successful careers on their own; Nicole as a transport planner and Justin in the wellness industry with clinics and health food shops.

Although Nicole was the youngest person in middle management in an organization of 3,000, she did get to a point where she realized the nine-to-five wasn’t working for her.

“I was sick,” she recalls, “and I was lying on the floor in my boss’s office, throwing up into the bin.”

Still, Nicole went on to establish a consulting firm and continues working on high profile projects for various public and private sector clients. She holds a managing director role with her company today.

Nicole and Justin had never engaged in a network marketing company before, though they had used products. It wasn’t until they both experienced the benefits of ASEA’s breakthrough in redox signaling technology that they decided to pursue the business.

“We are committed to helping as many people as possible to have an ASEA breakthrough of their own,” Justin says.

It hasn’t always been easy. When ASEA launched in Australia, it was with RENU 28 only. With one product and limited tools, Justin and Nicole created their own duplication system from scratch. Business has taken off.

Justin’s passion for holistic health is now focused full time on his and Nicole’s ASEA business, while Nicole has scaled back her work with her clients to devote more time to building. They love seeing the difference ASEA can make in people’s lives and find their ASEA friendships rewarding.

Justin asserts, “We believe ASEA truly is the most powerful vehicle for living a life of health and abundance, being able to work and live the ASEA lifestyle full time is a dream come true.”