Nicola Mannhardt

ASEA Diamond Executive

Nicola Mannhardt from Germany believes in the power of people—even if people don’t always recognize the power within themselves. Her experience has taught her that with mentors and the ASEA opportunity, people can fulfill their vast potential.

“I have found that many people no longer have any belief in themselves, in the self-healing property of their bodies, or in their wonderful talents and abilities,” Nicola says. “Convincing people to change how they think and encouraging them to make changes and accept new things are both a challenge and an opportunity.”

Nicola’s journey began when she first heard of the technology behind the ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement. “I was immediately fascinated by the product and the idea behind it,” she says. “I spent night after night researching to learn more.”

That enthusiasm has never diminished. What’s more, she enjoys seeing the spark of enthusiasm grow in others. “With ASEA, I can help people get healthier and make them more aware of the value of prevention,” she says. “I can also give them the opportunity to achieve financial security for themselves, while growing as a person and reaching beyond what are often narrow boundaries.”

With her team, Nicola sets goals and works with them to develop their own teams and succeed. “It’s simply an amazing feeling to achieve so much by working together,” she says. With teamwork, she achieved the rank of Diamond Executive and qualified for her first trip to Hawaii! “This filled me with gratitude for my team’s great work. It was a team effort. By helping others achieve their goals, they helped me achieve mine. It was a very special experience.”
She has some advice to other ASEA associates who want to achieve Diamond Executive status. “First, it all begins with the product. Then, set clear targets and continually adapt them to the situation for further development. Above everything else, stick to it! It takes day-to-day work. Becoming a Diamond Executive is the result and a fantastic reward.”