Morten Dam

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Watch Morten Dam in action, and you will see a guy with a positive outlook who’s willing to go after what he wants. “I’ve never been afraid of following my own route,” he says—a mindset that comes in handy while building a successful ASEA business.


His road to leadership has been labor-intensive, and his skills are an accumulation of experience in a previous network marketing company as well as working as a fitness coordinator and lifestyle coach. “Business requires hard work,” he points out.


So Morten tackles each day with a set schedule, with specific time carved out for work. He also works time for personal development into his daily routine.


“For me, there is only today—no procrastinating!” he smiles. He calls this schedule his DMO (daily method of operation), and he says it’s where he gets his energy.


And the energy doesn’t fade, even in the face of rejection. “This opportunity is amazing, but it’s not for everyone,” Morten explains. “I just don’t get emotionally involved in the negative voices. That’s just part of the game.”


That doesn’t mean business building is easy; Morten just keeps his focus where it needs to be in order to grow. “I’m proud of not giving up on what I truly believed in starting up my ASEA business,” he says. “What’s unique about ASEA is that we have a technology that can’t be duplicated but a business aspect that’s easy to duplicate.”


Morten is not just in it for the opportunity. His experience with ASEA Redox Supplement has been positive. As a former elite badminton player and lifelong fitness aficionado, Morten has noticed increased energy as well as better recovery and mental stamina in his sports.


Morten takes pride in his family as well as his work. He is a father of four and is soon to be married.