Morten Andersen

ASEA Diamond Executive

Morten Andersen, an electronics and computer engineer, knew early on he wanted the freedom of being his own boss. He started three technology companies over two decades—unfortunately, it can take that long before a traditional business owner is able to pay himself a decent salary. In the 1980’s, Morten discovered network marketing and found it made a good side gig. By 2003, he was ready to sell his technology company and make network marketing his full-time pursuit.  

In 2014, a few things in his life had changed for the worse when Morten received his annual phone call from Trish Schwenkler. She had been calling him once a year for five years with a network marketing opportunity, and this time, Morten agreed to listen to what she had to say. “What she told me,” Morten recalled, “made me understand how different this company was compared to the one I had been in for the last 15 years. I saw the importance of the products and how brilliant and fair our compensation was. It was much better than the company I came from.”

But what ultimately convinced Morten to join ASEA was meeting Verdis, Tyler, and the top management at ASEA. “The way they are, how they showed real interest in me . . . being a part of the growth that will happen over the next few years, in a company like this, is a one-time opportunity!” Not to mention the benefits Morten has seen in his energy, his skin, and his digestion from using ASEA products.

After decades of owning his own companies, ASEA has given Morten more freedom than any of his other endeavors. “My financial future is dependent on myself—not an employer—with no upper limit. What I do makes such a positive change for people. Knowing we do it with ASEA’s ethos as the leading star is something to be very proud of.”