Miljan Ubiparipovic

ASEA Diamond Executive

Miljan Ubiparipović understands the importance of teamwork. He has played soccer competitively since he was a young boy, playing professionally as an adult. That’s why his transition to ASEA was such a natural fit.

“I’ve been able to harness the focus, drive, discipline, and trust in my teammates that I learned from soccer and apply them to the business field with winning results,” Miljan says.
Before discovering ASEA, Miljan ran his own startup, but competition was rough in a relatively small market. “I was spinning around in a circle, and every month I was sinking deeper and deeper,” he says. “I needed change in a big way.”

At first, however, Miljan was unwilling to even consider network marketing as an option. A bitter experience with another company had seemingly closed the door on networking forever. “But inside of me,” he says, “something was telling me that because of that bad experience, something beautiful would happen in my life.”

When Miljan’s friend sent him a link to an ASEA video, he only watched it as a favor. But the more he watched, the more excited he got. “While I was watching it,” he recalls, “I immediately felt that this was something special. I can’t explain it, but I knew this opportunity was what I’d been waiting for all these years.”

Since joining ASEA, Miljan says that all aspects of his life have improved. “I have more self-confidence. I’m relaxed. I’m more determined.” He believes everyone has the right to become financially independent, yet at the same time, each of us has the duty to help others. That’s why ASEA is the perfect fit for him.

“Money is just a mirror of good and honest work,” he says. “I’m in this business with people I love, respect, and enjoy spending time with. We are learning and encouraging each other together as we build our ASEA family.”