Mary Perez

ASEA Diamond Executive

To Mary Perez, who had always been interested in network marketing, ASEA was the perfect fit. “I understood the concept and loved the idea of sharing powerful, life-changing products,” she says, adding that she finds it frustrating to see people fail to take responsibility for their own health. Her focus is to share what she has experienced as the path to better health and a better life in general.

But it’s not just the products that have Mary’s attention. A born entrepreneur, she formerly owned and operated hair salons. From day one with ASEA, she has treated her business like a business (“I went full boar with ASEA,” she explains) and has embraced the culture and philosophy that comes with it.

Now Mary is working her own schedule out of her home office, allowing her the freedom to be available to her family as well as to travel, meet new people, and join forces with like-minded people. “The people that I now call my ASEA family are the true gift,” she smiles.

ASEA has become a way of life for Mary. “I share it with everyone I meet, and I encourage all of my associates to remember that this is a business, not a hobby,” she points out. Her mantra is to stay focused, never quit, and always be open to learning something new.