Lizaimi Bin Md Lihin & Ruhaniza Bt Ahmad

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

After building a company in Malaysia over the course of six years and seeing it all disappear, Lizaimi was worried about the future. He had gone from being the top earner in his company and a one-income earner for his family to uncertainty about his career path. A friend from Hong Kong asked him to look into ASEA and the result was a life-changing new opportunity.


“I believe if you want to change your life it has to start with you,” he says, “I have to work hard every day and challenge myself to become better. The most important thing is to love the work that you’re doing and I love what I do with ASEA. When you’re in love with your job, you don’t feel tired and have the energy to keep going.”

It wasn’t until after he met with a colleague in the ASEA Malaysia office in Kuala Lumpur and he brought back some of the product for his wife to try that he understood the impact this business could have on other people’s lives. His wife had been experiencing discomfort in her lower back for years, but after ingesting ASEA REDOX she felt a difference in her fatigue levels.


REDOX Academy achieved Diamond in three months, despite the lockdown during the pandemic. He built his business completely online, starting with Zoom calls every day for the last year. His main obstacle has been teaching his team how to work their business online. Before COVID-19 they would meet in an office building.

At first, Zoom meetings seemed like they wouldn’t work, but soon enough the team started seeing benefits they hadn’t experienced prior to lockdown. With the help of Ambassador Diamond Alan Noble, they worked together to increase the number of meeting attendees and saw momentum shift drastically.

“I have been impressed with the ASEA Company Ethos,” he says, “To me, ethos stands for entrepreneurship though honoring others. I believe for any individual to succeed on a large scale they have to sincerely help each other and must work towards building the team, together. This methodology has changed my life and is my mantra for success. When I help my team, my business thrives.”