Leland & Donna Duyck

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Leland Duyck initially joined ASEA to get the product for other family members. For two years, his sponsor, Terry Latham, tried to get him to move forward with ASEA as a business. “He was very professional and continued to follow up with me,” Leland recalls. “But I was managing the day-to-day operations of our 450-acre cattle ranch, as well as building a nutrition company and managing national sales for an orthopedic manufacturing company.”

Then things changed for Leland—and not for the better. “I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, which affected my entire body. This hindered my ability to properly manage and oversee my responsibilities. After 13 months of multiple treatments and medications to no avail, I decided to try ASEA REDOX.”

Once Leland began taking the product, he felt it working within the first week. “I noticed a difference throughout my entire body. By the second week, my depression was gone. By the third week, I had better movement in my hands than I’d had in 14 months. At 90 days, I felt that everything was back to normal. Now I’m enjoying life again!”

Leland decided to fly out to Utah and do his due diligence on ASEA. “I was very impressed with the leadership of this company and the stories I heard about how this product has changed people’s lives. At that time, I made the decision to move forward.”

At first, Leland had to overcome some negativism about network marketing, both in his own mind and from other people. “I overcame it by reading books and educating myself on what it truly is versus what I thought it was. I studied other leaders. Once I had a true vision and mindset, I was able to move forward with an unshakable belief.”

Leland enjoys the time and financial freedom that ASEA has brought to him. “Introducing ASEA to people from all over the world and seeing their lives change physically, emotionally, and financially has been more gratifying than anything I’ve ever done.”