Kevin Ho

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Before the successful launch of his ASEA business, Kevin Ho suffered from a devastating health challenge for almost five years and felt like just another digit in the corporate world. “ASEA changed my life completely,” he says. “Now I’m making a difference in people’s lives while making a meaningful residual income.”


With the daily use of ASEA Redox, Kevin’s health started to improve almost instantly. “ASEA restored my health and gave me back my life,” he says, “I was immediately drawn to the transformational technology that is ten to fifteen years ahead of its time.”


Now Kevin spends his free time at the gym, running, and dreaming about the endless future as an ASEA associate. “Residual income allows me to do all the things I want and turn my dreams into a reality,” he says. By promoting the redox technology to the world, Kevin feels like he is creating a lasting legacy for humanity. And he is proud to help as many people as he can, from so many different backgrounds and with whatever unique health challenges they may face.


Kevin’s success as an ASEA Associate comes primarily from his ability to help those seeking health improvements understand the comprehensive benefits of the Redox system. “I simply focus on the people who want to understand the Redox system further. There is no use saying the right things to the wrong people.”


While he may focus on his ASEA business and his new-found health and vitality, he does have advice for those searching for a better overall purpose behind their business. “Live your life to the fullest each day and do the things you’ve always wanted to do because you never know what tomorrow will bring.”