David He & Karen Lau

ASEA Ambassador Double Diamond Executive

David He started down his first career path before he could tie his own shoes. By the age of nine, he was accepted as a performing arts student by the Shanghai Opera House. “Two years later,” says David, “I started full-time professional dancing and training at the Shanghai Academy of Drama & Dance.”

The first overseas student to receive a scholarship to the Australian Ballet School, David became a principal dancer in the Hong Kong Ballet at the age of 19. Amidst a full schedule of international performances, he met a professionally trained singer and performer named Karen Lau. The two were married in 2006, two years before David would retire from dance at age 30.

“We moved back to Australia from Hong Kong,” shares David. “We bought a café, and we worked very hard to pay the rent, the suppliers, and the staff. Everything we made went straight back to the business.” He continues, “After nearly ten years of pain, we sold the cafe and lost our initial investment.”

The couple had no previous experience with direct selling when they were introduced to ASEA—but the business model, product benefits, and social lifestyle made it an instant fit for them. “The products have had an amazing effect,” says David, “and the ASEA reward system continues to excite and motivate us.”

They have two children, who, aside from being their pride and joy, are also their golf and karaoke partners. “I play golf with Oscar, and Karen sings karaoke with Giselle,” mentions David. “And we both like to take the kids to the park and the shopping center.”

Today, David serves as a multicultural ambassador for Mental Health Foundation Australia. “It keeps me actively involved in the community and allows me to help others who struggle in their lives,” he explains. “We love to help others; this makes us who we are.”