Julianne & David Trimble

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

As a mother/daughter team, Donna Davis and Julianne Fike know that the power of two is more powerful than one, especially when it comes to sharing ASEA with others.

Donna Davis and her daughter Julianne Fike have a relationship that only a mother and daughter can share. This relationship is strengthened and enhanced by the fact that they now are business partners in ASEA. Both of them have been familiar with the network marketing industry for 20 years, and they have both been successful in other careers as well. Donna was a court reporter and Julianne owned a spa. Although they enjoyed their careers, they both longed for increased time freedom and the chance to create more opportunities for their futures.

When they were introduced to ASEA, they were both interested, but for two completely different reasons. Donna’s oldest son, Sheldon, was referred to the product for health reasons, so her interest was product driven. On the other hand, Julianne had been looking for the right business opportunity for about five years.

“One day, my Mom called me and told me about ASEA, the product, and told me that I might want to look at it,” says Julianne. “After watching a video, I knew this was what I had been looking for. My Mom then took a trip to Utah to meet with the Founders, which only confirmed our feelings.”

“Remember that you are the messenger, not the message. With the help of your mentor, create a plan and work that plan”. – Donna Davis & Julianne Fike

The two have experience in the industry, yet were unable to reach out to any of their contacts from former companies, so they did what every new business owner does—they started from scratch. “We built this just like anyone who was new to ASEA, and we actually had the handicap of not being able to contact anyone that we knew who had prior experience,” says Julianne.

This team quickly got to work and devised a plan, which was, and still is: to stay focused, plan their work and work their plan, and never quit. “It’s a lot of work!” says Donna. But this simple and precise plan has enabled them to reach the Diamond Executive level, and it’s this plan that they share with others who want to follow in their footsteps.

They also encourage all their team members to discover their why, to determine what hours they will consistently work their business, make personal development a priority, and to attend ASEA events. Together, they use conference calls and 3-way calls to recruit, build, and support their downline. “The 3 Minute Peel has been a game changer for us,” says Donna.

With their ASEA business, Julianne and Donna have experienced countless benefits. “With network marketing, there is very little overhead and much more time freedom. Best of all is the fact that even when we’re not working, someone on our team is. This is so different from our traditional careers where we only made an income if we were physically on the job,” Donna says.

Julianne adds, “We know ASEA is right for us because it’s a family company, led by an extremely intelligent corporate team who we have utmost faith in. The proof is in the pudding! Look how many lives have already been changed for the better.”

Up until ASEA, Julianne had not gone on one vacation with her own daughter in 10 years. Since ASEA, they have gone to Montreal, Puerto Vallarta, and Florida. “I was able to close the spa in October, which has been liberating to say the least,” she says.

Now Julianne and Donna both describe their futures as bright and full of opportunities. Julianne adds, “We know that with ASEA, we can create a secure and enjoyable experience for our golden years, and even better, we can help others to do the same!”