Jerry & Marcia White

ASEA Ambassador Diamond Executive

Jerry and Marcia white have enjoyed rapid success with ASEA and their team. Only one year from when they began their ASEA business in 2012, they achieved the rank of Triple Diamond and are currently ranked at Ambassador Diamond. Jerry and Marcia brought 18 years’ network marketing experience to their ASEA business, and they’re very happy with the way their lives have gone since making the change. “It has been like a fairy tale!” Marcia said.

Jerry added, “For so many years, I worked so hard. It was like digging a huge hole only to find a bean. With ASEA, I feel like I’m picking away at a huge canyon wall, to have it crumble off and reveal a wall of solid gold underneath. The success and opportunities we are enjoying are huge blessings.”

Jerry and Marcia do their best to remind their team members that those they enroll are not numbers—they are actually new partners who have joined them in an amazing journey. For them, the important thing is that people believe in ASEA and then eventually they become a part of ASEA.

The Whites attribute their success to their own personal “why,” and help each person they enroll to do the same. They explain, “If people strongly believe in their reason, or their “why” for being in this business, then that belief will always prevail.”

This is one of the things that drives them to continually look to help others through the compensation plan and unique opportunities that ASEA provides.

“Being involved with ASEA has changed everything about the way I think,” said Jerry. And this change has meant the world to the two of them. Marcia observed, “Now when I look at my husband, he’s excited about life again, and I’m excited to be with him.”