Jan van de Belt & Prapussorn Srimaung

ASEA Diamond Executive

Before Jan and Prapussorn van de Belt had ever even heard of ASEA, they were experienced entrepreneurs in their own right. They had built their own home décor and beauty products company from the ground up.

The business had endured a rough start, but the van de Belts brought it into profitability and then beyond—to the point of international success.

But their achievement didn’t blind Jan and Prapussorn to the opportunity ASEA presented. To this day, they remain open to learning new things. A visit to Envision Conference in Munich was all it took for them to feel like they had come home.

“It wasn’t just the exceptional products,” Jan says. “It was the ethos.”

They also realized that the ASEA opportunity would fit their lifestyle, and the time freedom accommodated their existing business.

“We were already traveling all over the world, meeting with people,” Jan explains. ASEA was an easy transition, and it opened the way for them to meet with even more people than before—people they feel they wouldn’t have met any other way.

As the van de Belts continue to grow their ASEA team, they do it with meaningful personal connections at the fore.

“ASEA allows us to choose who we want to work with,” Prapussorn asserts. “We’ve found likeminded people—soulmates—to achieve financial freedom together.”

And with ASEA products in their routine, both Jan and Prapussorn feel more energetic and haven’t needed downtime. Jan also raves about his smooth skin.

ASEA has become for them a lifestyle, not just a business.

“The day starts with ASEA and ends with a ‘shot of molecules,’” they explain.

Living the message they share with others is the way Jan and Prapussorn incorporate ASEA into their lives. “We believe in giving,” they say, “and then success comes by itself.”