George Chung Yi

ASEA Diamond Executive

George Yi is a student. Rich or poor, married or divorced, isolated or entouraged, he studies. And his curriculum of choice is humanity. “I love to study the human body, mind, and soul,” says George. “I love to travel, learn new things, meet new people, and share knowledge.”

George’s pursuit of knowledge eventually guided him to ASEA. A longtime interest in metabolic science kept him on the lookout for breakthroughs within the field of cellular biology—something ASEA has firsthand experience with.

“I had been studying about ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and glutathione for several years before finding ASEA,” he says. “Understanding the roles those molecules play in our cells made ASEA a perfect fit for me. My soul saw this as a gift from God.”

Though he wasn’t a twenty-something university-type student at the time, his living quarters, bank account, and bright-eyed optimism looked the part. “I was divorced and broke, living in a small room with $1 in my pocket,” shares George. “But I never lost the hope that I would be successful soon.”

Based on more than metabolic studies and optimism, George’s hope stemmed from deep life experience and spiritual strength. Before his cash holdings dropped to $1, George had tasted success: “I was a youth minister, a consultant in business marketing for the health industry, and a top leader in several MLM companies,” he explains.

With ample business experience and academic product knowledge, George carefully selected, patiently trained, and personally sponsored three downline associates as the foundation for his ASEA organization.

“I believe that we are in the business of selecting the right people with the right mindset and purpose,” says George. “I had to turn down bandwagoners with no commitment—and so did my downlines.”

This selective mentoring process has created a close-knit team and a flourishing business. George happily concludes, “What remains are like-minded people building a culture of ASEA!”