Harry & April Yuan

ASEA Ambassador Triple Diamond Executive

Harry and April Yuan well understand the art and burden of owning and operating a traditional business. Their history includes a computer company, a bakery, a frozen yogurt shop, and more than a few restaurants. It’s an impressive résumé, but it came at a price. “It was non-stop,” says Harry. “With all our efforts, the economy did not treat us well, and we did not have the income we wanted.”

When a global economic crash tanks your business and chronic health problems derail your retirement, it’s natural to ponder the alternatives, and that’s what Harry and April did. “We had long hours, large overhead, and big capital investments,” remembers Harry. “It deteriorated our health, and we knew there had to be another way.”

They weren’t wrong—another way was on its way. “We heard and saw testimonials of people using ASEA Redox Supplement,” says Harry. “The before-and-afters of people’s lives were truly inspiring. Once we got a little more involved, we fell in love with the culture of the company and the ability to better people’s lives.”

A new sense of wellness, purpose, and pride has since entered the lives of Harry and April. “We do not have a medical background,” says Harry, “but we are still able to help people. We are very proud of teaching others to start living healthier lives.” And teaching, they’ve found, is really the answer to any challenge.

“The obstacles we encounter mostly stem from people not knowing or understanding what ASEA is,” says Harry. “We overcome this obstacle by being patient with people, explaining the science behind ASEA, and sharing testimonials. The true stories and science are the magic that draw people to want to use the product.”

While the couple’s first forays into less traditional business left Harry unconvinced of their quality, ASEA has met his principled standards and proved to be the vehicle to his family goals. “We love to spend time with our family,” says Harry. “Before, we were so busy it was hard to get together. Now we have more time to spend with one another.”