Feifei Zhao

ASEA Diamond Executive

Feifei Zhao used to be a part-time psychologist before starting her ASEA business and didn’t take her career goals very seriously. Zhao was introduced to ASEA’s incredible products by a friend and her energy and fatigue levels felt drastically improved. After researching the products and finding others who benefitted from ASEA, she decided it was time to take her future into her own hands.

“You need to use ASEA every morning and every evening,” says Zhao, “When you use ASEA every day you gain more experience with the products yourself and can share these insights with your friends and family. Only when you know the products on a personal level can you help others understand their power.”

The science and technology behind ASEA really intrigues Zhao. She is proud to be able to recommend the products to her family and friends, encouraging others to use and distribute them, without being worried about their safety. She loves giving her loved ones the opportunity to experienced improved health and well-being.

The most difficult part of her ASEA business is helping others understand what the business opportunity can do to change their life. She says that by continuing to learn about the science behind ASEA, doing trainings, and meet-ups with her team, she has seen more success. Looking out for folks who seem like the right fit for becoming an associate is something she is becoming good at. She says reading new information every day and chanting for meditation helps her stay balanced in business.

“My motto is that there is no glass ceiling,” says Zhao, “To live old you have to be wise like older folks, always stay open to learning new things. Stay active and try to do good for others every day you can.”