Erv & Marian Struble

ASEA Diamond Executive

Erv and Marian Struble strive to make a positive difference any way they can, at any moment the opportunity presents itself. It’s a part of their legacy they are now seeing come to fruition with ASEA.

High-school sweethearts, the Strubles have been enjoying life to the fullest ever since they joined ASEA.

“We feel younger than ever, and this business has given us back an opportunity to have some fun and reap the rewards of a lifetime of hard work,” said Marian.

Before joining ASEA, Erv had spent 28 years in corrections. He then lost his job, along with most of his retirement, and worked as a courier. Marian is a certified life coach, author, and speaker. Neither had any intention of seriously getting into the network marketing industry—they had tried it together before but had never experienced any significant success. But Marian viewed ASEA as an opportunity to make a few hundred dollars each month, so they enrolled.
After adding some key associates to her team, Marian quickly realized the amazing financial opportunities with ASEA. “I have always known that network marketing was a brilliant business model when with the right company, ethos, and product. ASEA’s compensation plan is far above anything I had ever looked at before,” she said.

Marian’s determination on attaining Diamond Executive was so focused that she even used to sleep on a pillowcase that said, “Sleep on Diamond Tonight.” It’s this focus on consistently doing extraordinary work that has propelled Erv and Marian to outstanding success and the opportunity to realize many dreams, including two that have been on their bucket list for years: going to a game at Yankee Stadium and catching a show on Broadway.

The Strubles are people-oriented individuals who thrive on seeing others experience happiness and success, so the benefits they enjoy with ASEA are far-reaching.
“With ASEA, we can really create a legacy that will last generations, impacting the lives of others in every way,” Marian said.