Dr. Stan & Cristie Gardner

ASEA Diamond Executive

After spending three years with another company, Stan and Cristie Gardner became disillusioned with network marketing. So much so that when their friend Trish Schwenkler told them about ASEA, they were both resistant.

“Fortunately, Trish’s kind and subtle efforts opened the door for us to want to learn more about ASEA,” Cristie says. With all their children grown up, Cristie found that she had more free time. But she wasn’t willing to do just anything—she was looking for something she could be passionate about. Could ASEA be it?

As a doctor, Stan constantly sought ways to provide his patients with alternatives to drugs and surgery. He took a serious look at the science behind ASEA REDOX. “The product was most attractive to me because it could add elements to my practice that were needed,” he says.
Although the Gardners had resolved never to become involved in network marketing again, they couldn’t ignore the facts behind the product. Initially, ASEA was just going to be Cristie’s gig. “But the more we learned about ASEA, the more excited we became about working together,” she says.

The Gardners began sharing ASEA REDOX with friends, family, and associates. Stan began seeing remarkable results in his patients who used the product. “Its ability to improve the body’s ability to heal itself is nothing short of astounding,” he says.

Working as a team, Stan and Cristie recognize that success requires commitment and action. “Make a decision and move forward past distractions, making constant course corrections as you continue to progress,” says Cristie. Stan adds, “Identify your resources that are unique to you, and develop them to your full advantage while learning from your upline the proven principles for success.”

At ASEA, the Gardners are home. “This fits my life purpose and passion on so many levels,” says Cristie. “I get to work with my husband and help others enjoy better health while becoming their best selves.” Stan adds, “ASEA has opened the way for a retirement filled with purpose and service.”