Dr. Karl Smith

ASEA Diamond Executive

Helping others to lead healthy and active lifestyles comes naturally for Dr. Karl Smith, a chiropractic physician.

When Deni Robinson first approached Karl about ASEA in December 2009, he had no interest. “She was so persistent, so I signed up for $40, thinking she would go away,” he laughed. Finally, in March 2011, Karl researched the product and decided to start using it with his patients about two months later.

At the time, Karl’s life was chaotic. His associate partner had just left, he was caring for more than 200 patients a week, and he was separating from his wife, which meant he was a newly single father to his five kids. With all this going on, he still made his ASEA business his priority.

Karl began sharing the product with his family, friends, and patients. When he got a commission check for $695, he decided to really put effort into his business, so that he could fully benefit from and enjoy the power of residual income.

“Building a business with ASEA has opened the door to residual income and freedom!” he said.
For Karl, ASEA is a real blessing in his life and in the lives of others. Watching miracles happen every day in his practice with his patients has only increased his conviction of the product and accelerated his desire to share it with others.

Karl advises his team members to always keep their convictions, or their reasons for being with ASEA, at the forefront of their minds. “Everyone will experience frustrations and problems, but if your conviction is bigger than those, then you’ll do it. If your problems become bigger than your conviction, then you’ll quit.”

Building his ASEA business has brought positive changes for Karl. “ASEA has put a fire back into me, and I am passionate about it. People want to feel connected and feel like they are doing something good that’s making a difference.” He added, “With ASEA, we all have the opportunity to be a part of something incomparable!”