Dr. Foster & Terri Malmed

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

In 2010, a friend asked Dr. Foster Malmed to give his professional opinion about a new product called ASEA REDOX. Foster is a chiropractic physician in a hospital and director of education for a national orthotic company.

The Malmeds began drinking the product. After just three days, Terri couldn’t believe the positive difference she saw in her health. “When Foster began noticing positive changes,” she recalls, “we knew we had to find out more about ASEA.”

Foster had already conducted research on redox biochemistry, so he knew its efficacy and safety. Still, he read further about the science of redox signaling and began using ASEA REDOX with his hospital patients.

“Things really took a turn for me when one of my favorite patients saw life-changing results,” Foster says. “The more I shared ASEA with my patients, the more stories like this I would see and hear. My conviction about ASEA grew by leaps and bounds.”

Together, the Malmeds flew out and met the ASEA founders before the company officially launched. “We were amazed by the caliber of people we met and the stories we heard,” says Terri. “We were excited to go home and share the product with everyone we knew.”

Sue Brenchley was the couple’s first mentor. For their first 30 days, they called Sue every day and read their goal statement to her. Before long, the Malmeds were earning nice paychecks and going on ASEA reward trips. “We now duplicate this model with our team members,” says Foster. “We have everyone create vision boards to help them visualize and focus on their goals.”
Along with goals and vision boards, Foster and Terri have learned the importance of personal development through training with their upline. “If you want to be successful, you must change your mindset and think like successful people think,” explains Foster. “It’s a mindset we continue to work on and develop together and as a team every day.”