Dr. Dick & Nancy Walker

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

As busy as they are with their ASEA business, Dick and Nancy Walker say it’s giving them more time to spend with each other.


“It’s been instrumental in creating a stronger bond in our marriage,” Nancy says. Dick agrees, pointing out that network marketing enables them to leverage their time, which gives them more time to be together as a couple.


Dick, a double board-certified doctor, and Nancy, a dental hygienist, are no strangers to entrepreneurship. Dick is a pioneer in the Suri alpaca industry, and together he and Nancy spent 14 years breeding, training, showing, and marketing the animals. Nancy even owned a retail store that sold alpaca yarn and luxury alpaca clothing, products she keeps available online.


They were also involved with a previous network marketing company, where they developed valuable industry skills. But their average monthly earnings there hit a threshold at $3,000 – $5,000 a month, and they knew there was something better.


“I wanted to create a six-figure income,” Dick explains. “To me, growth potential is more important in an opportunity than anything.” So when he and Nancy were introduced to ASEA (and after loving the product), they knew they had found what they were looking for.


“We were approaching retirement age, and we didn’t have enough in our retirement fund to continue our lifestyle,” Nancy admits.


On the flight home from Salt Lake City after looking at ASEA’s products and opportunity, Nancy started making a list of the people she wanted to approach. She and Dick dived in and didn’t quit. They do something every day to move their business forward, whether it’s conference calls with their team, weekly meetings, or getting people to the next big event.


Dick plans to retire from emergency room jobs. Nancy’s goal is to take more vacations with their children and start education funds for their future grandchildren. They have their sights set on the Millionaire Club.


The Walkers’ plans for a comfortable retirement are in full swing, but they’re not stopping anytime soon. They know that they are creating lasting wealth with their ASEA business—a financial legacy they will leave for generations to come.