Dr. Dennis & Julie Downey

ASEA Diamond Executive

Dennis and Julie Downey’s hard work and talents have combined to create the fruits of success. A dentist, Dennis had a successful practice for 30 years and is also a professional artist. Julie owned and operated The Downey Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for more than 20 years. Together, this dynamic duo is combining their skills and passion into their newfound ASEA business to create incredible success that will span the globe.

When the recession hit a few years ago, it took an especially hard toll on the art world. “We began looking around for another opportunity to help us and many of our dear friends who were artists,” said Julie.

Cindy Buck told the Downeys about ASEA, but they took their time considering it as a business opportunity.

“I heard miraculous story after miraculous story, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it!” Julie shared.

Dennis’s medical background piqued his curiosity. He wanted to understand the science behind ASEA. “After learning more about the product, we were blown away,” he said. “We were on board, and we began to work!”

The Downeys have a large network of friends, associates, and patients from the art gallery and Dennis’s dental practice, so they immediately began telling their contacts about ASEA.
“The power of network marketing with ASEA has given me a way to reach, train, teach, and care for people in a manner that I have never had the ability to do,” Dennis said.

Turning points happen all throughout our lives, and for Dennis and Julie, a significant one came for them after they attended the launch of ASEA in Rome. After that, they realized they needed to go all in on their ASEA business, so they closed the gallery and dove head first into their new adventure. So far it’s paid off.
“We believe in dreaming big and doing small things now that will help us to live those big dreams,” said Julie. “It’s so very exciting because with ASEA, we are able to connect with and help more people than we ever imagined.”