Dr. David & Wendy Silverman

ASEA Ambassador Triple Diamond Executive

When Dr. David Silverman’s father was about to undergo some very serious medical treatments, a friend approached him. It was ASEA Double Diamond Debbie Wetzler.

“David,” she told him, “I love you, and I have to tell you about this product for your dad’s health. It’s important.”

Dr. Silverman began investigating ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement. Soon he was sharing it with family and friends.

He says that the secret to success with this business is developing personal belief in four things: The product, the company, network marketing, and yourself. “If you can’t believe in any one of these four areas, it’s going to be much harder for you to win at this. If you’re weak in any of these aspects, you’ve got to work on your own belief first, before you can expect someone else to believe in what you’re sharing with them.”

One way to grow stronger in all these areas, according to Dr. Silverman, is to attend a corporate convention. “You’ll meet other people and hear their stories,” he says. “You’ll meet the founders and see what good men they are. You’ll really start to understand the company as a whole and see the big picture and the vision.”

Beyond that, Dr. Silverman has the following daily suggestions for associates. “First, work on your own self-motivation,” he says. “Be coachable. Be a genuinely nice person. Understand up front that you will need a lot of patience, because success won’t happen overnight. If you are consistent with your commitment and you listen to your upline and you work hard, then no matter how long it takes, you’ll get there. You’ll reach your goals and change lives, starting with your own.”