Donnellyn & Chris Dominguez

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

After achieving her biggest accomplishment to date, Donnellyn Dominguez was ready to take her dreams to the next level. She had finished her midwife training in her fifties as the only grandmother in her class and was now the successful owner of a birthing center, a dream she never thought was possible. She has now been a midwife for over fifteen years and has assisted in over one thousand births.

In the midst of caring for others, Donnellyn ran into concerns about her own health and wellness that would lead to a procedure and a long road to recovery. It was at this point that Donnellyn was introduced to ASEA® REDOX and RENU28®. About the RENU28, she says, “It helped my skin’s appearance improve drastically in ways I hadn’t experienced before.” She was sold, and she decided to amplify her business to include ASEA’s products for her patients.


What started as a way to help her patients quickly became her retirement plan. She worked up to the rank of Diamond in a short period and now dedicates her time to helping others achieve the same goal. She sold her birthing center in February of 2020 but still aids and assists in births because she remains passionate about women. The difference is that now she doesn’t have to work long hours and can better manage her schedule.


“I credit my most rewarding achievements to my amazing upline, as well as to the associates on my team and the cross-line associates building this business and helping hundreds of people,” says Donnellyn. “It is a beautiful group effort and I am so blessed by the friends I’ve made and the ways I’ve seen people’s lives change because of this product and this company.”

Now Donnellyn plans trips she didn’t think were possible before starting her ASEA business. First, she and her husband Chris plan to visit Alaska for their anniversary, and they will follow that up with family vacations, ASEA team getaways, and service trips through their church.


“I was cynical, skeptical, and every kind of negative about network marketing when I first came into ASEA,” Donnellyn admits, “but my attitude has totally changed because of the ethos of this company and the people who run it. I love natural methods of maintaining good health or recovering health. I became a midwife instead of an obstetrician for that reason. Loving others and helping people are my passion, and ASEA aligns perfectly with that value system.”