Debbie Wetzler

ASEA Ambassador Diamond Executive

Debbie was raised in the small town, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. She spent her summers in the mountains of Colorado and, as a result, she continues to love the great outdoors. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a business degree in fashion merchandising. She was a buyer/manager for a ski shop in Aspen, Colorado, then moved east to Maryland and was a buyer/shopper for Bloomingdale’s men’s department. Debbie then became a successful interior designer, with a company of her own. She and her business partner worked on several decorator showcases together. In 1994, Debbie fell in love with network marketing and began her journey of helping people and earning money. Since coming to ASEA Debbie feels like she has finally found the right product and opportunity to truly help as many people as she is able.

Debbie grew up in a small family: just her mother, father, and one sister. When she was five her father purchased 15 acres of land at the foot of Pikes Peak in Woodland, Colorado. It was there that she began her lifelong love of the outdoors. She has an adventurous spirit and loves everything from running and hiking to rafting and kayaking.

Debbie has been a single mom since 2004 and is very close to her two children, Alex and Jackie. “I have a beautiful, wonderful relationship with both of my children. In fact, my son will be getting married in a few weeks and I love his fiancé.” Debbie’s family is growing and her love and excitement shines through when she speaks of her children.

“It is like a dream come true. It has been almost two years since I found out about ASEA. On that day my prayers were answered and I finally knew that I had found a way to help people and regain my financial dignity.” – Debbie Wetzler

A graduate of Oklahoma State University, Debbie studied for a business degree in fashion merchandising. She became the buyer and manager of a ski shop in Aspen, Colorado. Then she made a move east to Maryland where she was a buyer and shopper for Bloomingdale’s men’s department. Debbie was craving a change and decided to go into interior design. She and a partner started a successful design business and worked together on several decorator showcases. In 1994 her focus shifted again. Her father lost his battle with cancer that year and Debbie was determined to learn of ways to help people stay healthy without harmful drugs.

It was then that Debbie first began to explore network marketing. She found a company that had alternative health products and began earning money and helping others. Although she liked the products and enjoyed helping people, the company that she worked for had leadership and business struggles. “After 12 years, I realized I couldn’t look someone in the eye and tell them that I could help them to build a profitable business,” she says. To make matters even more difficult, shortly before this happened, her marriage ended, and as a single mother her financial outlook became bleak.

She found a good job but the company went bankrupt. Debbie eventually had to declare bankruptcy, she was close to losing her home, and she was working as a server in a restaurant. “I was depending on tips every single day.” Her prayers were answered one morning when her friend Cindy Buck called to tell her about a wonderful new product and the opportunity that it presented. Since that day things have only been looking up! She started sharing ASEA with everyone and started using the product herself. “I was sleeping so well and I was happy all the time! But for me, regaining my financial dignity is an amazing blessing,” she says. “It helped me save my home, help my daughter through college, help pay for my son’s wedding and to once again buy Christmas gifts for my family. ASEA has turned my life around!”

Debbie would like to encourage everyone to share in her success. “Be grateful for everything you have. Set your intention, be persistent in sharing, prepare to make a few sacrifices, then let the outcome run its course,” she says. And remember that restaurant that she was serving at just a few years ago? Now that’s her go-to place to entertain ASEA Founders and executives when they visit Maryland!