Dan & Suzanne Doyle

ASEA Presidential Diamond Executive

The beauty of Byron Bay beckons to Dan and Suzanne Doyle. The couple has spent holidays at the picturesque beachside town in New South Wales, Australia. But someday soon, they will call Byron Bay home.

“We will live in a little farmhouse with a porch,” Dan says. “Don’t all farmhouses have porches? And there are farm animals, a couple of horses, some chickens, and any animals that we can rescue. I can see us sitting on the porch, looking out into the valley, drinking red wine. On one side, you’ve got the gorgeous green of the countryside and quaint little town, and on the other side, you’ve got the majesty of the ocean. It’s the best of both worlds. And thanks to ASEA, we will live there.”

A few short years ago, Dan’s vision for the future was simply survival. Health challenges had devastated him financially to the point where he and Suzanne were contemplating applying for food stamps. Within months of hearing about ASEA, however, Dan realized that could all change.

“We made a decision to build an ASEA business,” he explains. “At first, we were in survival mode. I just wanted to make enough commissions to get enough product to keep me healthy. But that changed pretty fast. And I decided to treat this business like a business.”

So for the first year, Dan worked nonstop. He talked to people all day, every day. Suzanne brought him meals and then disappeared, leaving him to focus completely on his ASEA team. “There was a lot of sacrifice that first year,” he observes. “We lived in the same apartment but didn’t see each other hardly at all.”

Today the work is still constant and demanding—but different. The two travel together, visiting team members to offer training, support, and encouragement. “This business is front-end loaded,” Dan observes. “It’s still early, and we’ve still got lots to do.”

Byron Bay is just around the corner. “We’re almost there,” Dan says. “And it’s not about the finances for us now, it’s about the passion of the people who are joining us. We don’t want to leave anybody behind.”