Mat & Cristina Williams

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

When Cristina Sword describes her life before finding ASEA and her husband Mat Williams, she calls it an endless cycle of stress. “I was a single mum with four boys and I was struggling daily to keep my marketing company going.”

Cristina had worked in film, television, advertising, and marketing—industries she describes as highly competitive and often soul-destroying, where even if you work very hard, you can still find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck.

Everything changed when she discovered what ASEA could do for her and her family. She witnessed the products‘ effects on the life of her friend Dan Doyle and felt like she should give it a shot. “It was the perfect storm. Between a unique groundbreaking product and applications across longevity, beauty, and athletic performance, it felt like the right moment in the market. I got onboard because it made sense.”

Cristina is proud that she and her husband live between two countries, have six boys together, and run their business across four different continents. And although there isn’t much spare time outside of their hard work, their focus is always to spend time together with their family.

“When you’re going through difficulty, realise that you are not unique. It’s not just happening to you; it’s happening to everyone,” Cristina says. “Just don’t let it into your heart. Keep yourself above it. Rise and allow it to fuel you. Don’t allow your circumstances to control you. You are the writer of your own story. Don’t ever forget.”

Cristina and Mat started their ASEA business in October 2017 and had a goal to reach Diamond before Cristina’s birthday on 30 October 2018. “We focused on it, we visualised it, we worked hard, and we got there,” explains Cristina.

“When I reach out to someone who is desperate and out of hope, and we see their lives transformed, I am moved and proud to be part of ASEA.”