Craig A. Lindner

ASEA Double Diamond Executive

Craig Lindner, a Hawaii native, is a custom home builder and real estate broker by profession. He knows a thing or two about building on a good foundation. For him, ASEA is a solid foundation because his returns will equal or exceed his efforts. More importantly, Craig knows that with ASEA, his ability to help others is magnified.

Living on the beautiful island of Hawaii is a dream come true, but it also creates a unique economic climate with its own set of challenges. “We’re isolated on a little island and the only way to generate enough income is to go out of state or to work more than one job,” says Craig.
For 20 years, Craig was stuck in a cycle—he would build a house, sell it, and then have to start over again. “Then the housing market crashed, we couldn’t get loans or lines of credit, and mortgages were impossible to get,” he adds.

That’s when everything began to change for Craig. He was at a materials supply store and the store representative, who was a friend of his, told him about ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement. He signed up right away. After just three weeks, Craig noticed improvements in his health. That’s when he got serious about the business potential of ASEA.

He began sharing ASEA’s product and opportunity with others, and as he focused his efforts and time on helping people with their health, he noticed something—his own life was transforming. The changes for good in Craig’s life have created a ripple effect throughout his entire family, and for that reason, he affectionately calls ASEA hope in a bottle.

ASEA’s business model of helping others is an environment in which Craig thrives, and he is thankful for the mentoring he received from his upline leader, Paul Taira.

“My outlook has never been better,” he exclaims. “I have experienced more happiness, freedom, and personal growth in these last three years than I ever imagined. ASEA has transformed my life, and to see how ASEA is transforming the lives of others is a really emotionally rewarding thing.”