Cosimo & Rebekka Marraffa

ASEA Diamond Executive

Cosimo and Rebekka Marrafa took the road less traveled but are happy to finally be working in their dream job.

Before they had even met, both were working jobs that they didn’t love. Rebekka cycled through a variety of positions, looking for something that she enjoyed, while Cosimo eventually started to work as a receptionist.

It was around this time that the two met. They were married in 2010, and it’s here that their venture into network marketing began. Cosimo and Rebekka were using products from network marketing companies and looking to delve into a business. As hard as they tried, it wasn’t working out. That is, until they learned about redox signaling molecules.

After an introduction through a friend, they recognized ASEA as a great opportunity to make money while affecting people’s lives in a positive way. They began telling their friends and family about their amazing discovery and were eventually able to start doing the ASEA business full-time. In February 2014, Cosimo and Rebekka achieved the rank of Diamond Executive.

“We were absolutely giddy with pleasure, and we immediately celebrated with our team,” Rebekka said. “It was a deep feeling of honor that we experienced. We felt gratitude for our entire team that had supported and worked with us.”

Their advice to anyone who wants to pursue a career with ASEA is very straightforward: “Use the tools that ASEA offers you. Always be prepared to learn and to change. And work closely with your upline who will facilitate your success,” Rebekka recommends. “Set a goal for yourself, and commit to achieving it. Utilize the positive dynamics of the company and of your team.”
Cosimo and Rebekka began their lives together searching for a business and a lifestyle that they could believe in. With ASEA, they’ve truly found it.