Chris & Rhonda Gullo

ASEA Ambassador Diamond Executive

Finality is often assumed when retirement is mentioned. But for the legacy-minded, it is just another gateway to the next mission. Much like ASEA Founder Verdis Norton, Chris and Rhonda Gullo have their legacy mindset to thank for highly rewarding post-retirement work.

Chris worked in the financial arena for over 15 years, 11 as a chief financial officer for an Inc. 500 company, before answering the siren call of multi-level marketing. As an independent distributor, he built a thriving international business that operated in 26 countries while climbing to the company’s highest recognized rank, entering the Presidents Club and the Millionaires Club, and ultimately chairing the global alliance of top field leaders.

Rhonda began her career as a data processor and spent ten years as a lead operator for a $60 million international company before taking her own path to becoming a licensed massage therapist (LMT). Her therapy practice of 16 years eventually gave way to yet another business: marketing health technologies throughout the U.S.

Together in 2008, the couple took on retirement to allow them to build their dream home in Sedona, Arizona. To this day, the Gullo’s divide time between the new Arizona residence and their family home in Texas.

Seven years after retirement, the gateway led them to their next challenge. Drawn to the international business expansion of a breakthrough product, Chris and Rhonda joined ASEA in May of 2015. Their legacy focus has remained on helping others achieve personal lifetime goals and aspirations.

Today, Chris and Rhonda have expanded their business into 24 countries, become top 10 business-builders globally, and accepted a seat on the ASEA Global Advisory Council. From this catbird seat, they guide a legacy of strong personal relationships around the world, paying it forward in their common purpose and joint mission.