Branton & Jennifer Loewen

ASEA Diamond Executive

Jennifer Loewen was already an experienced network marketer before she started her journey with ASEA, but a negative experience with her last network marketing business left her feeling disillusioned. That heart-wrenching time in her life helped her reevaluate what values were important to her in business moving forward.


“My advice is not to judge all companies based on a bad experience you may have had,” says Jennifer. “ASEA has proven itself to me to be so different in many ways.”


The Loewens credit their success to ASEA’s exceptional values and unique cutting-edge biotech products. A large part of what won their loyalty is Tyler Norton and his ethos. They were moved by the way Tyler leads the team with an ethical mission and knows how to speak life into the ASEA family.


Jennifer says that the network marketing business is a relationship business, and learning how to spark optimism in people goes a long way. “One of my favorite sayings is, ‘People will forget what you say, people will forget what you do, but people will never forget how you make them feel,’” says Jennifer, “and this is my personal business ethos.”


Now Jennifer does 80% of her business while her four kids are in school, which frees up her evenings to focus on her children. The family is able to travel, take the kids to the nearby lake, or spend time together on their 25-acre ranch.


“Family time is what fills our cup,” said Jennifer. “Make a custom work schedule that fits your life and your family, and you can be very successful both personally and professionally.”