Bogár Lâszlo & Zsótér Emese

ASEA Diamond Executive

Bogár László and Zsótér Emese weren’t strangers to feeling overworked. As a manager for a multinational corporation and an occupational safety engineer, their days were long. The nights? Even longer. Yet, despite the hours they put in, both found themselves unable to advance professionally.


“There was little chance of advancement,” they recall. “The amount of time we were spending working overtime hours was disproportionate to the amount of money we were making.”


Both Bogár and Zsótér knew it was time for a fresh start—one they found in ASEA through an old friend. And while their journey to building a Diamond-level business hasn’t been easy, they credit this very struggle with their success.


“We had to get used to communicating the opportunity to our friends and colleagues,” they remember. “We weren’t comfortable with all the ‘no’ responses we heard. But, instead of letting this impact our progress, we learned to collect those responses and use them as a chance to practice––to become better at building our business.”


And they became better. A lot better. Two years after joining ASEA, Bogár and Zsótér have turned a regular practice of consistent work into a flourishing business. Gone are the overtime hours poured into dead-end careers. It’s replaced by a renewed sense of purpose and belonging instead of the constant grind.


Along the way, both have found more time to hike and enjoy life. They’ve made new, lifelong friendships. And they’ve built a business where humanity, belief, and the desire to become better every single day go hand in hand with a more fulfilling career.


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