Cindy & Bo Buck

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

After moving up the corporate ladder from receptionist to national sales manager, Cindy Buck decided to make a big change. “If I was going to work as hard as I did with the work ethic I have, the only person I was going to work for was myself.”

Once she discovered network marketing, Cindy made another important decision. “I wanted to buy my husband back from corporate America so we could work and raise our family together,” she says. At that time, Bo was a sales manager at a $450 million seafood company.

Bo investigated network marketing and decided to go for it. “I realized I was building someone else’s assets, and it was time to build our own,” he says. “Network marketing is a great business without any barriers in terms of economics.”

Working together, the Bucks developed a network of thousands of people in 13 countries. But when company changes caused their paychecks to decrease, Bo was forced to find additional work in the construction industry. His 16-hour work days left little time for his family.

Once again, Cindy determined to buy back her husband. She began searching for the perfect opportunity. “That’s when our friends Chuck and Tammi Gates told us about ASEA,” says Cindy. “We evaluated every aspect of the company. ASEA was head and shoulders above anything else we’d ever seen.”

Cindy sprinted to Diamond status within a year. “It was great to know Cindy was building our family’s assets with ASEA,” Bo says. “It took her two and a half years to replace my six-figure income. When I was able to join her full-time, it was a pretty emotional experience for us.”

The Bucks’ ultimate goal is to help develop 100 Diamond associates. “Treat ASEA like a business,” Cindy advises. “Once you understand the vision, you’ll understand that ASEA is going to be huge. You’ll worry more about what will happen to someone if you don’t tell them about ASEA than what they’ll think about you if you do!”