Beth Wofford

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

When Beth Wofford had her first taste of ASEA REDOX in February 2010, she had no idea the difference she was about to feel. “As a matter of fact, I knew this new product couldn’t help me,” she remembers, “because nothing ever had.”

But Beth’s daughter, who has a doctorate in cell and molecular biology, had enthusiastically explained the science of redox signaling molecules, and Beth was intrigued enough to try the product. She noticed some immediate benefits, and within just a few months, Beth truly noticed a difference.

“I feel better than I’ve felt in 20 years,” she asserts. “This has been a major miracle in my life and has made such a monumental difference in my health. I feel so grateful that I am compelled to share it with everyone I meet!”

That is what Beth has set out to do, and the ASEA business model fit perfectly into her lifestyle. She and her husband Bill have been self-employed for decades, riding and training thoroughbred racehorses on their Lexington, Kentucky, farm. They love their work, and now with ASEA, they’ve been able to add an aspect of giving back to their community.

“When ASEA found me,” Beth says, “I was actively looking for a way to help people as well as horses. I have always marveled at the capacity for the body to heal itself, given the right care. When I saw the science behind ASEA, it made so much sense.”

Beth loves to travel and has enjoyed incentive trips with ASEA. But she says that some of the fondest memories she and Bill have enjoyed as a couple have been made as they have traveled with the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation on humanitarian expeditions to both Mexico and Ecuador.

For Beth, the most valuable aspect of her ASEA business is the personal growth and development. She says, “It’s rewarding to help make the world a better place by giving others a chance to realize their full potential as human beings.”